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In our Endeavour to ensure a better future, we at GNG Electronics Private Limited adopt eco-friendly innovations and practices. We are acting responsibly to protect the environment our “Sustain the Future- Go green” program is an initiative towards leading a more sensible life, and taking an aware step towards conservation and optimization of resources. So, when an Electrical & Electronics item reaches its end-of-life, we take it back, reuse it or dismantle/recycle it.

GNG Electronics Private Limited has been working in the area of safe disposal of E-waste. Since electronics items contains toxic and Hazardous Waste and Compressed Air Condensate. Safe disposal of E-waste reduces the environment pollution. The correct disposal of old product will help prevent potential negative consequences for the environment and human health.

Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF) has formulated and notified its strategy to tackle the E-waste through the E-waste (Management) Rule 2016.Company policy of GNG Electronics Private Limited supports recycling and remains committed to comply with India’s E-waste (Management) Rules 2016.Further as per the guideline issued by Central Pollution Control Board.

As a part of our E-waste recycling programme “Sustain the future – Go green”,

GNG Electronics Private Limited has partnered with Pro Connect, India’s leading Producer responsibility Organisation to comply with E-Waste Management and Handling Rules in providing environmentally sound management of end of life electronics product.Pro Connect is associated directly with various leading E-Waste recycling companies in India that do ensure proper recycling and disposal of E-Waste.

Pro Connect will provide E-Waste drop off collection centers and ensure environmentally sound management of electronics that have reached their end of life phase.


Our Consumers couldbcontribute to resource conservation and prevent potential environmental problems by properly depositing of their old consumer durable products and its accessories at designated collection facilities identified by GNG Electronics Private Limited. Improper handling or disposal of Electronic Waste causes great damage to Environment. For that customer has to register a request on our recycling Partner Pro Connect’s Toll Free Number – 18002664000 or visit or mail them on Or may Call GNG Electronics Private Limited Call centre : 18002664000.

We are providing facility to all of our customers which will be run through our PRO (Pro Connect).Our PRO is having agreement with DTDC Express LTD for Reverse Logistic to transport our customer's e- waste for proper disposal or recycling to ensure environmentally sound management of electronics that have reached their end of life phase.

Our Consumer / Customer can also drop the consignment at their nearest DTDC Service Point or request for pick up from their premises. Then the E-waste collected through this channel will send to nearest authorized Dismantler/ Recycler.

DTDC is providing approx. 11000 collection points which cover almost all major cities, town and rural area of every state in India. Customer can also visit DTDC Website finder.asp and search nearest collection point of DTDC.

Click here Collection Points / Centers of PRO Connect

Click here for Collection mechanisms of E-Waste along with all collection schemes

How customer can get their product recycled

You may contact Pro Connect Toll Free Number -18001208604 for putting request for recycling of GNG Electronics Private Limited.

Depending on your product type and condition ProConnect representative will evaluate the residual value of your electronic product and inform the same to you.
On your acceptance of offer, ProConnect representative will let you know various options depending on your location for drop off the Product at nearest collection point,courier(Free of charge) the product to Pro Connect collection centre/collection pointor arranging the pickup from your Home / Premises.
Customer will be paid according to the mode of payment accepted by customer at the time of making request.

Your old GNG Electronics Private Limited Product will be recycled as per E-Waste disposal guidelines.

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